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Breathalyzer + 5x Mouthpieces

Breathalyzer + 5x Mouthpieces

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Requires 2x AAA batteries (not included)

Finished a big night of drinking and need to test your blood alcohol level? Then this breathalyzer is perfect for you.

Included in this listing:

  • Digital breathalyzer
  • 5x complimentary mouthpieces
  • Free international shipping

The results obtained by this breathalyzer are not a legal defence against driving while drunk. Treat the results as a novelty/gimmick. Do not drink and drive.


  1. Long-press the power button for 3 seconds
  2. Wait for the 'warm up' countdown to reach 0
  3. Blow into the mouthpiece for 5 seconds
  4. See your results

Shipping estimate: 2-3 weeks

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